Unique Solutions Where Family Law And Business Law Intersect

I am family law attorney John Daniels. For more than 35 years, my law practice has maintained a single focus: To help individuals in the Twin Cities, Annandale and throughout central Minnesota with their most pressing family law matters. I know the local communities in the area, and over the course of my career, I have developed the wide range of skills needed to resolve even the most highly contested divorce and family law disputes.

The longer a legal process goes on, the more stressful — and more expensive — it will be. I understand. And I understand that, in most circumstances, individuals turn to a lawyer only when they absolutely must. That is why I am dedicated to settling family law issues in the most efficient, amicable manner possible so that my clients can move on with their lives.

A Legacy Of Service In Central Minnesota

I offer my clients experienced counsel in a variety of personal legal matters. Family law is an area where one's most important relationships may be at stake. Negotiations can become delicate, especially when children are involved. To protect my clients' valued relationships, I work to maintain accord between all parties in family law disputes. I have helped establish many successful child custody and child support agreements, and I have helped many divorcing couples outline fair plans for spousal maintenance.

Over the years, I have developed a core competency in areas where family law and business law intersect. If you and your spouse have a great deal of assets or wealth, I can guide you through property division proceedings with minimal friction or complication. I can also help ensure the proper valuation of businesses and other high-value assets, and I have extensive experience in facilitating complex property division agreements. Although I always endeavor to reach a settlement, I have tried many cases in court and will always be ready to litigate on my clients' behalf.