Rooting Out Hidden Assets In Divorce Proceedings

In divorce involving high-value property, one party may suspect that the other party possesses assets that are being hidden. These circumstances demand help from experts with regard to hidden assets and high-asset divorce.

I am Johns Daniels, founding partner at the law firm of Willeke & Daniels. As your attorney, I will conduct a painstakingly thorough investigation into your and your spouse's marital estate, as well as any assets you have independent of the marriage. Through this due diligence, any questions of inaccurate disclosure of assets will be brought to light. My goal is to ensure that you obtain fair and equitable property division during your high-asset divorce.

Providing The Resources You Need To Uncover Hidden Assets

Sometimes in order to arrive at a fair and equitable divorce settlement, you need the help of financial and divorce experts who are experienced in locating suspected assets that are hidden or have gone missing. With more than 35 years of experience in such matters, I have the knowledge, skill and resources to handle even the most complex cases. Whenever needed, I will hire experts to assist in the search for any assets your spouse may have concealed. This may include:

  • Unreported income
  • Skimmed cash from a business
  • Delay of signing contracts or other actions to lessen the value of a business
  • Undervalued or overlooked antiques, artwork, collections, equipment or tools
  • Income that is not reported on tax or financial documents
  • Retirement accounts that your spouse did not tell you existed
  • Investments and municipal bonds that were not registered with the IRS
  • Gifts, travel expenses, rent or tuition paid to a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • The delay of bonuses, stock options or raises until a time when they would not be considered marital property

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